Fine craftsmanship, unique designs

Creating jobs for young indians

Excellent playability, inspiring sound

Planting a seed of hope

Building guitars, changing lives

Unique Swiss -Indian partnership

Supporting children in need with education

Precision and consistency in production

Updates will be coming soon, thanks for your patience!

Please don’t hesitate to contact in the meantime, we always have a good number of instruments available!

Guitars built to make a difference…

... in people's lives

Help providing jobs for young motivated Indians and supporting a school for children from underprivileged backgrounds your music

Play a high quality guitar with a unique design and excellent playability. Be inspired by its rich sound and inspire others with your “guitar of hope”!

Swiss-Indian Partnership

Astha Guitars is a social enterprise based on a unique partnership between the Swiss Guitar Company Brunner Guitars and the Indian NGO called ACTS which is committed to wholistic development through projects that revolve around education, environment and health programmes.

Fund raising

Thankfully the renovations of the new workshop are done and we were able to purchase the most important machinery! However, we are still facing major investments for more equipment, improvements on the building, ordering guitar and workshop supplies and for the general training of the team. If you are excited about our vision and you would like to help somehow to get our sales started quicker, we would like to give you some options

How to get involved…

Order a guitar

This is the great Win-Win option! By buying an Astha Guitar you’ll get a wonderful instrument with a unique story behind it and you are directly helping us covering our first investments for the project!


A general donation will be used where ever the money is needed most during this beginning stage.

Sponsor a trainee

Sponsoring one of our young trainees is a personal way to support us.

Use your connections

Help us to spread the word about Astha Guitars through your personal networks.


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