People in need

Poverty in India is omni present. It can be quite overwhelming seeing the tragedy in what kind of circumstances children have to grow up and how many people hardly own anything but what they are wearing. We want to step out and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people within our possibilities. ACTS always had a strong focus on educating people in all kinds of fields, to give them tools to face the challenges of life on their own.


The following ACTS school project is something we want to help support with ASTHA Guitars.  In the future we hope to contribute around 30% of each guitar sold towards people in need beyond all salaries for our staff and all the other expenses.

Nirmala Vidayalaya School Nirmala Vidyalaya is a school in a village called Gattahalli, only 3km from our guitar workshop away located on a two-acre campus on the outer edge of Bangalore. The city of Bangalore is known for its big technology companies (HP, Dell, Google, etc.) and this village is pretty close to the the IT hub. But the village remains a relatively quiet semi-rural area, where a number of lower-middle-class families live. Some are farmers, others own small shops, while others will work as daily-wage labourers for construction companies. Gattahalli and the surrounding villages are a reminder of what the outskirts of Bangalore used to look like.


This school seeks to serve the community, by offering quality education that is extremely affordable. The school takes an integrated approach to learning, so that the child is developed holistically and not just made familiar with a geography or physics text book. Currently, there are around 300 students at this growing school. Around 100 of them come from nearby orphanages and the school has become like a warm home for them.
Many of those children are also supported by the ACTS sponsorship program called “Aashi”.