Preorder a guitar

If you are a guitarist and got excited with us about this guitar building project and the vision behind it, then this opportunity might be for you!

Why not pre ordering a nice guitar and become a vital part of the ASTHA GUITARS early stage history?

Instead of just looking for donors only to set up our facility and buying machinery and tools, we decided to already take pre (paid) orders! This way we want to create an opportunity for guitarists to get a good deal on a finely crafted guitar and at the same time to help us getting started! On all pre orders we will offer a 10% discount!

We are totally aware that is a big step of trust we are expecting, based on good will and sharing our vision! Yet we want to assure you that even the first guitar leaving our shop to be sold to a customer will be meeting the high standards of Swiss luthier Luke Brunner, who has been building guitars for the past 20 years. Currently we hope to start building guitars in January/February 2015 and expect the first approved instruments to be finished by mid 2015. Please only consider this as an option if you are not depending on this guitar to arrive on a certain date as things may take longer.

How can I preorder an ASTHA guitar?

We will be uploading an order form soon where you can select your desired model and options. Our guitar models page will also constantly be updated with pictures of finished prototypes and more information.
For now, please sign up for our newsletter to get informed about updates on the website or send us an email.