“Building Guitars, Building Lives”

We strongly believe that poverty is not just “Karma” or Fate. Instead, we believe that people have choices that change their destiny and make a positive impact. We believe that together, we can use our resources and leverage our influence to help those in poverty.
At Astha Guitars, we aim to reach out and equip others. We purpose through our Guitar Building Training and Career programs, to give young people a chance to build their lives, find new perspectives and have confidence to face the future with hope.
Astha Guitars is a social enterprise where we want the profits to flow back into the organization to be self sufficient and also fund other vital projects of ACTS, directly supporting people in need.
We really want this to be a win/win situation! People will receive a high quality guitar for a decent price and at the same time they help supporting people in need!
How will that work? Please read more here

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