Get to know the current Astha Guitars Crew

santosh gnanakanSantosh Gnanakan

ACTS – Group of Institutions, India CEO / Visionary His role at Astha Guitars:   Project leader, networking, marketing

Santosh spent 16 years in the media world in India and Sri Lanka, including 10 years in the FM radio business, where he was a programming head and a famous DJ (popularly known as “RJ Saggy”). But he gave that up to join ACTS and as CEO is now involved in the conceptualizing and execution of new ideas and endeavors through which social equality can be achieved by providing affordable education to those less privileged. From organic farming to family camping experiences and now this guitar-building project, Santosh, a musician himself, has always been a passionate man and driven to achieve the best. Santosh lives in Bangalore, India with his wife and three kids.


Lukas BrunnerLuke Brunner3

Brunner Guitars, Switzerland
Guitar Luthier / Innovator
His role at Astha Guitars: Guitar technical teaching and support, marketing, link to Europe

Lukas has been building guitars for close to 20 years. And since the very first one, Brunner Guitars has always stood for innovation. He combines traditional elements with modern ideas and insights. He says,” It’s against my nature to simply copy existing guitar constructions and shapes. My passion is to take things farther in my own unique way and this quality is expressed in my high-end acoustic guitar builds”. Being able to create things, particularly fine guitars, he sees as real privilege and he looks at it as a wonderful divine gift. God created us in HIS image as little creators. He wants his guitars (and Astha Guitars!) to reflect some of God’s goodness and the creativity he has endowed us with. Luke’s guitars are played by some of the Top Guitar players in the world and he also wants to bring Astha Guitars to that level! Lukas lives in Lavin, Switzerland with his wife and 3 daughters.

David Clifton CrimsonDavid Crimson

ACTS Institutions, India Musician / Dreamer His role at Astha Guitars:   Production manager, networking, marketing

David has been a full time Guitar player in India for the last 8 years during which he has played with some of the country’s leading bands and artists. Collaborating with various performers of different genres over the years has given him the unique ability to be able to play splendidly be it an acoustic guitar instrumental or a blazing rock solo even incorporating traditional Indian melodies and rhythms into western guitar playing styles. Contrary to popular rock musician lifestyle assumptions though, David spends his free time teaching music and taking English lessons for underprivileged kids at a local learning center instead of driving to the casino. His desire to spread Hope through music has made him an integral link in the Astha Guitar family. David lives in Bangalore, India with his 2 dogs and is happily engaged.

Listen to David playing!

Nishchith Moses (Nick)Nick

His role at Astha Guitars:  Becoming a guitar builder and trainer of others

Nick Grew up in Bangalore, studied science first and then art where he specialized in sculpture. He has always had a heart for creativity and he is very excited to get involved with ASTHA Guitars as he is a guitar player himself. He is very keen on learning how to build guitars from scratch and is also looking forward to pass on the knowledge to others.


J.K. PhilipPhilippe

His role at Astha Guitars:  Becoming a guitar builder and trainer of others

Philip grew up as an orphan and he was part of the second batch of the ACTS Institute in the early 1980s! He has stayed on staff ever since and being a carpenter he has become the “ACTS handy man”. His wife worked as a nurse with ACTS and is now part of the administration team. Their one daughter is going to college.
Philip will most likely be in charge of the bigger machinery and he is excited about this new challenge!



His role at Astha Guitars:  Becoming a guitar builder and trainer of others

Moses is from Mumbai where he grew up in an orphanage. In miraculous ways he got connected with the Astha Guitar crew and will became one of our first trainee from an underprivileged background.