We are very excited about the progress of the renovations on the old medical clinic building which will very soon become our guitar workshop! Just in time with Luke being in India in October we received miraculously a massive donation to buy most of the major machinery for the workshop! We had a great time connecting as a team by doing lots of planning and shopping for tools and machinery (which was a fun adventure especially for Luke as things function a bit differently in India than in Switzerland :)).

Lukas will be back in Bangalore in January/February to run the first training with the crew. We are all very excited to finally start building guitars in India!
Promo video coming soon…!

The workshop looks great and is waiting for the work benches and machines to be moved in! A lot of effort has been put into this building! Thanks a lot guys!


Tool hunting in the craziness of Bangalore’s business streets…
Unfortunately good used machines were still very expensive, so we ended up buying all new machines and made some good deals!


We also found a great tone wood supplier in Cochin (Kerela) for Indian Rosewood and Indian Mahogany!


Some more indian impressions… such a different place!


Everybody was thrilled about the first prototype Astha Guitar!





Eli Kretzmann, a good friend of Luke from the US was also part of the tool and wood hunting trip. He is very India experienced and he’s been a great help! Most winters he spends in Nepal now, check out what he is doing there! www.overtheedgetravel.com