Two years ago we had to move our entire workshop and it’s been a huge challenge after only being into business for three years at that time. However, we’re now settled again at the new place and we’re very happy with the new layout and workspace! The new solar plant on the roof has been an absolute came changer as we’re now power independent and we also even have a a fairly stable fiber internet connection! This is making things a lot easier now for Luke to keep supervising the production team out of his shop in Switzerland. 

 Here some impressions…

Workshop space

The new workshop contains of one machine room, one bigger work bench room, a wood storage and end set-up room and a finishing room with spray booth

Machine work

We try to do as much by machine as we can to make things done more efficiently but most important, also more precisely at the same time! So we use a lot of templates and jigs along with the bigger and smaller machines…

Hand work

Regardless of the machinery we have, there’s still a tremendous amount of hand work involved to get every part to its final shape and place. The whole assembling of the body, all the sanding and finishing work is very demanding and requires a lot of training, experience and routine.