How can I support ASTHA GUITARS in this beginning stage?

There are several ways how you can be involved in this exciting process to get us started:

  • Pre ordering a guitar! 

If you’re a guitar player and want to become one of the first proud owners of an ASTHA GUITAR, here’s your chance! By ordering and paying for your guitar now you will get a 10% discount and at the same time you’re helping us tremendously to finance our workshop facility including tools and machinery.  More details

  • One-time donation into our general fund

If you don’t need a guitar but you would simply like to support us, any donation towards our new workshop facility will be highly appreciated and needed! More details

  • Sponsor a trainee

Sponsoring one of our staff team members or a future trainee will be a very personal and direct way to support us and would help us using the money towards all the needed equipment during this beginning stage. More details

  • Using your connections

-Hosting events and guitar parties to help us raise awareness of ASTHA GUITARS
-Spread the word using your social networks
-Helping us meet some practical needs like tools, equipment, furniture etc.
-Signing up with us to receive our monthly newsletter and being updated on our progress
-Pray with us for wisdom as we step forward and for all the lives that are involved in the project from the trainees to the staff

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to get involved in such a way!