During the second 3 week training in April the first 6 guitars were finished! This time we went step by step through the second part of the building process to the final completion of the instruments. One of the focus was also the introduction on the CNC machine for the inlays. Unfortunately the time was a little tight to go into depth for the lacquering process but thankfully we got the finished! Here a few impression…


It’s been really good seeing 4 very proud faces after the training holding the finished guitars!


So here are the first few finished guitars! These are still considered prototypes and we’re in the process of finalizing all the details for the fixed models. However, we do want to offer some custom models right from the beginning with a small choice of wood combinations and a variety of nice indian style inlays. Here four samples, the 2 other ones Luke brought took to Switzerland to finish there.


ASTHA – Medium with cutaway and bevels
Swiss Spruce / Indian Mahogany
Gecko Abalone inlay


ASTHA – Medium with cutaway
Swiss Spruce / Indian Rosewood
Indian leaf Pearl inlay


Swiss Spruce / Indian Mahogany
Indian elephant inlay


ASTHA – Big with cutaway
Swiss Spruce / Indian Mahogany
Indian leaf Abalone inlay

Indian peacock feather inlay
(on one of the unfinished guitars)



During the last week of our second training David and Nishchith were also busy preparing for David’s wedding!
David decided to celebrate this special day on the ACTS campus right at the Astha Guitars workshop! What a special event that was for all of us! Also the deco looked amazing!
David & Ashwitha, all the best and God’s blessing on your marriage!