The first training time is over and we had a very intense but great time together! Luke spent 3 1/2 weeks training the the crew in the new workshop. Scott, a good canadian friend who’s been working with Luke in Switzerland before was also part of the training and a good support!

(first picture from left to right: Luke, Nishchith, Moses, David, Scott, Philip, Santosh)



Once all the machines were set up properly we finally started building guitars!!
Luke brought a lot of templates and jigs from Switzerland and we also had to build many more. Jigs help tremendously to get the jobs done very accurately and efficient.


Even though we do as many jobs by machine as we can, there is lots of hand work left which demand very high skills. Luckily the guys are learning quickly :)!



Also on this trip we got to do some shopping for tools and supplies in the crazy streets Bangalore…



We got as far as assembling the body and having the neck preshaped. Luke will be back in April for training part 2 of the whole finishing process. Stay with us!
By the way; Philip (the long term ACTS carpenter) already built a few guitars around 25 years ago! He never would have thought he will ever get back into this business on a different level 🙂