Our Team

Our current Workshop Team


Guitar Builder and workshop manager

Involved in the whole building process, specialised in machine work (incl. CNC programming) and lacquering finishing process



Guitar Builder and workshop maintenance guy

Involved in the whole building process



Guitar Builder trainee


Guitar Builder trainee

Pastor Sunjay

Team assistant and supporter

Astha Partnership and Leader Team 

Santosh Gnanakan

Company Owner and CEO of ACTS
ACTS – Group of Institutions, India

Santosh spent 16 years in the media world in India and Sri Lanka, including 10 years in the FM radio business, where he was a programming head and a famous DJ (popularly known as “RJ Saggy”). But he gave that up to join ACTS and as CEO is now involved in the conceptualizing and execution of new ideas and endeavors through which social equality can be achieved by providing affordable education to those less privileged. From organic farming to family camping experiences and now this guitar-building project, Santosh, a musician himself, has always been a passionate man and driven to achieve the best. Santosh lives in Bangalore, India with his wife and three kids.


Lukas Brunner

Swiss Partner of Astha Guitars
Guitar Building Teacher and Supervisor
Brunner Guitars, Switzerland

For over 20 years Swiss Luthier Lukas Brunner has been building guitars in the Swiss Alps and his innovative, high-end instruments have gained recognition worldwide in the acoustic guitar scene.
He has made himself available to Astha Guitars with all his knowledge and experience and has been teaching the team all about guitar building through many 3-weeks training sessions in the past years. Today he is still supervising the team from back home helping them to constantly improve the building process and the overall quality of the guitars. 
Lukas is married and has three daughters.